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Logo Information

Jazzy Ape dye sub products may be customized with your choice of logos. We have a large selection of logos for you to choose from as you go through the order process. You may also provide your own logos by using the custom fields provided.

Custom Logos

During the order process, you will have the option to upload custom logos. Please make sure you have permission to use any custom logos that you provide.  You will be required to check a box that indicates you have permission to use any logos you provide to us. We reserve the right to request written permission from any company if we choose. Companies are very protective of their logos and we respect that protection.

Logos need to be in a vector graphic format. If you are not sure if the logo is a vector image, contact the company to find out if they can provide you with a vector graphic.  The file extensions for vector graphics may be a eps, ai, or pdf file.  The fact that a file has one of these extensions, does not necessarily mean it is a vector image. Files with the file extension of jpg, jpeg, gif and png are never vector images.

What is a Vector Image

Vector graphics are based on mathematical expressions to represent images in computer graphics. Because of these mathematical expressions, vector graphics can be resized to any dimension without losing clarity within the image.  This is not true with other images.  Images that are not vector graphics are made up of pixels. If your try to resize these images they will become "pixilated" as they get bigger.  As the pixels (squares) become larger, they look like jagged edges around the image.