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Pro Performance

Pro Performance Gear are exclusive lines for athletes, coaches and proshops that want to sell their line through Jazzy Ape. If you would like to find out how you can have your own line of Jazzy Ape products contact us at orders@jazzyape.com.

Joe Slowinski Pro Performance Shirts by Jazzy Ape

Joe Slowinski

Joe Slowinski is one of the 16 USBC Gold-Level Coach worldwide (on November 2011), IBPSA Certified Pro Shop Technician, PBA Member, 2009-2010 National Collegiate Coach of the Year, etc. He was the administrative head coach for the Webber International University bowling program and the men's head coach, Master Teaching Professional at the Kegel Training Center from 2008 til 2012 and is a contributing writer for Bowling This Month magazine.

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